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John Wayne Larkin

John Wayne Larkin

John Wayne Larkin

President, Co-Founder

As a proud Native American, I have built a diverse career over the past decade, currently thriving as a managing real estate broker and a licensed general contractor with A, B, and C level qualifications. My journey in the real estate and construction industries is backed by my expertise as a real estate professional, holding a degree in architectural design and playing various roles in planning and home building.

My professional credentials are extensive, encompassing a range of trades. I am certified as a power limited technician (an electrical license), and hold licenses in design, building inspection, fire inspection, and mechanical design/engineering.

Previously, I was the proud owner of a successful residential and small business security system company for two decades. During this period, I also committed myself to community service, holding positions such as a volunteer fire lieutenant and a critical care emergency medical technician.

Currently, I have the privilege of leading as the president of the Skyline Kiwanis group, with a focus on community involvement and leadership.


My approach to service and success is founded on several key principles:

  • Meticulous preparation and strategic planning.

  • Consistent communication and reliable follow-through.

  • Ensuring deadlines are met, and addressing challenges promptly and effectively.

  • Treating every client with familial care and utmost respect.

  • Encouraging creativity in all aspects of work.

  • Building strong, communicative working relationships that value every question and input.

I am keenly looking forward to the opportunity to discuss your project and to collaborate in bringing your vision to fruition!

John Larkin, General Contractor, Real estate broker
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