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Dino Layton

As a dedicated husband, proud Native American, loving father, and man of deep faith, I am constantly seeking growth opportunities that enable me to serve others. My professional journey is marked by diverse experiences in warehouse management, sales, marketing, and customer service, with a keen focus on putting the customer first. My passion for service is paralleled by a strong belief in effective communication and a demonstrated ability to resolve issues efficiently.

Detail-oriented and professional, I thrive in managing multiple projects simultaneously, showcasing a strong aptitude for learning, developing efficient systems, and implementing effective procedures. My leadership skills are evident in my accountability, both personally and within my team. I excel in working with individuals from varied backgrounds, promoting organizational values, product excellence, and a positive team spirit.

My career path has taken me from the role of Sr. Director of Field Operations (October 2017 - August 2021) to a significant stint as Senior Project Manager at a local builders group. However, a deep calling to my roots led me back to the family business, where I currently serve as the Sr. Director of Field Operations since August 2022. I am passionate about fostering a positive work culture in a growing organization, where customer service, organization, and leadership are at the forefront.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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