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Debra Larkin

Chief Marketing Officer
and VP of Operations

Debra, with her 25-year background in high-tech marketing, serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Business Operations at JWL Associates. Along with her husband, she co-founded this company, which caters to a diverse clientele in the realms of commercial, federal, and luxury residential real estate and construction. Her experience in operations and marketing is crucial in the real estate and construction industry, where identifying and responding to market dynamics can mean the difference between a successful project and an unsuccessful one.

Known for her innovative approach in marketing, Debra has made significant contributions to various industries. Her skill in understanding market trends and consumer behavior has enabled her to develop marketing campaigns that are both effective and inspiring.

Throughout her career, Debra has led several product launches, brand positioning, and market expansion initiatives for major tech companies. Her expertise in the intersection of technology and business has made her a respected figure in the field of high-tech marketing.

Expanding her professional scope, Debra founded Debzed Marketing Strategies Group, a consultancy that offers strategic marketing solutions based on her deep understanding of market dynamics.

Debra's commitment extends beyond the corporate sphere. Her deep faith motivates her contributions to the spiritual and social well-being of her community. She serves as the interim Executive Director and as a board member of a faith-based non-profit organization that supports single parent families.

Representing her Native American heritage, Debra embodies resilience and leadership across various domains, including technology, construction, and community service. Her expertise and dedication have been influential in setting new standards in these fields.


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