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Discount Agency

it is interesting when I see how many people are so determined to save every penny they can, even though it can cost them much more in the long run.

As an example, if an agent charges 2.5% commission, (but only does the bare minimum because they make their money on volume) You will only get a sales price that is probably far short of what it could be.

Now if you pay a very involved agent, one who spends a lot of time making sure your property is at it's best when you show it, that everything is is repaired or delt with, that it's marketed to the widest reach that it can be, one who talkes to everyone he knows about the wonderful home your selling. An agent who has lots of open houses and flyers, who stops by to make sure all is well, and monitors other activity in the area. One who takes "representing you" very seriously.

One who gets you lots of offers and potentially gets you 10% or more over the value the discount agent valued it at.

I think the 1/2% more you pay them, is well worth it..

Remember, you always get what you paid for.

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