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Tiny Homes as an Affordable Real Estate Option

As I observe the changes coming in the real estate market and affordable housing, (pricing, availability VS need, and want) I have been seeing a lot of opportunity. My hope is that this opportunity will make changes in this material and wealth driven world we live in. My desire is to be at the forefront, and not bringing up the rear. I hope to create a niche in the housing market to cater to those in the middle, those who want to minimize, and live differently. And as I dig deeper into the world of Tiny Homes, I am learning so much about perceptions and expectations of the general public, and what it takes to make this type of living a reality.

So as a realtor and general contractor, (I was a design build contractor many years ago) I am seeing a growing interest in a simpler lifestyle, and I really can appreciate that. But as I am working with a few Tiny Home builders, I am realizing the logistics of buying and placing a tiny/modular/park model/ SIP type of a home can be difficult. I am seeing that as smaller communities and mountain towns (one of the favored places to put these type of homes) work to improve their local governments and building departments, the rules and requirements change, which in turn makes the process way more difficult. Thankfully, I have also learned it can still be done with the right people involved in the process. So bottom line, when you consider such a move, do your research and talk to several vendors to see who has the experience to get your project done.

Besides, I think it’s going to be fun… More coming on communities, and resources.


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