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Thinking Outside of the Real Estate Box

I am reminded today that the same effort you put into listing clients must also be shown to buyers. In working with several who have budget or time restrictions, it becomes apparent that a good agent must be as creative when trying to help them achieve thier dream of home ownership.

As we strive to do with improving the marketability of our clients selling their homes, we must also be creative in finding the right home for our buyers with fewer options (e.g. location, budget constraints, etc.)

In speaking with a very successful agent, I discovered she was faced with a similar dilema. Her solution (in this case) was to go knock on doors in the desired neighborhood and see if there is anybody thinking about selling. And it worked!

In this ever changing real estate world, an agent who is willing to think outside the box, and work outside the boundries and continue to evolve, will find success.

Being aware of all aspects of a problem helps you to find a solution.


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