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Ask Your Real Estate Agent the Right Questions

As I return from a short vacation, and start a renovation project at home, I am reminding that it takes a good multitasker to handle a variety of projects successfully.

So when you are considering buying or selling a home, look behind the presentation from the agents your interviewing. Take a look at how they handle the current business they have.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Know the right questions to ask:

  • Do they use an assistant?

  • Do they stay involved in every transaction?

  • Can you contact them once the process starts?

Ask questions about what they like to do for themselves and thier families. See how much time they commit to what is important outside of work. And pay attention to how comfortable they are with those kind of questions. All of these things will show you a little more about the type of person your potential agent is, which will help you chose the right one for you.


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