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Picking the Right Realtor

When you are considering selling or buying a home, interview more than one agent. Even if you have a family member or friend in the business. Let them compete and earn your business. It is best to find someone you feel you can trust to represent you. Remember, you are hiring them, they work for you.

Something else to remember, depending on how involved you chose to be, will dictate the kind of agent who will be most successful for you. Mutual respect, and professional attitude are important, as well as honesty, confidence in their abilities, and how well they communicate. Not all agents will be a good fit. It is best to have someone who keeps in touch, is prompt, and straight forward. If they are to overwhelming, and “to good to be true” they probably are.

Put together a list of questions that are important to you, and ask each candidate to see how they plan on helping you. Pick things that are important to you, marketing strategies, experience, (have you sold a house like this before) what time line, what information do they need, how they think the process should be handled, etc. And don’t be afraid to tell them what you really need. The more details up front, the less hassle and confusion in the end.


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