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We are your trusted partner to help you navigate the complicated real estate process of buying, selling or remodeling. If you are asking yourself these questions, we are here to help.

Should I remodel or sell my home?​​

How do I maximize the sale price of my home?​

Who can help me understand the current value of my home?​

What are the nice to haves and must have to increase the value of my home?

How do I start the home buying process?

​How do I economically get the repairs done on my home to fulfill my contractual obligations when selling my home?

​How do I project manage repairs or remodel of my home?


Leveraging our combined experience on small to medium commercial projects and partnering with larger-scale contractors, we plan, estimate, and execute projects that meet deadlines within budget. Leveraging the latest construction technology, our team is hands-on with projects to ensure a quality product that is on time and within budget.


Real estate is probably the largest investment you will make in your lifetime. Whether you are buying or selling a home, our goal is to successfully guide you through the complex and emotional negotiations involved with real estate.

As a general contractor we can better help you understand the complexity of inspection reports and what it takes to get the most value out of your investment. 

We understand how critical it is to pay attention to EVERY detail in order to avoid difficulties and protect your interests. We pride ourselves in delivering the best support possible to you and making your transactions an outstanding positive experience.

Showing an Apartment


We offer our clients expertise in all phases of your project from detailed bidding, pre-construction planning, sub-contractor scheduling, onsite management, post-construction certificates and inspections, covering the entire spectrum of your  construction project. We manage your projects with integrity working to ensure they are on time and within budget. 

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A remodel or addition can often add tremendous value to your real estate investment. With the variety of experience we have, it's always fun to find the perfect solutions to help you re-envision your living space.

Having been on the inspection side, we have a dedication to detail your average contractor may not have. From thinking outside the box, to simple updates and upgrades, we will always share our insights and experience to make sure the job is done right.

And as our client, you will be able to access your project from any computer, tablet or smart phone, store and view project related document, view the project schedule in realtime, share progress photos with friends and family, and make changes quickly and easily.

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As an advocate for affordable housing and tiny/modular homes, we are excited to lend our negotiating and zoning skills to developing more communities for this market. Having been on both sides of development, (builder and city official), we are very aware of what it takes to build partnerships with municipalities. We are excited to help individuals find, purchase the land and install their new tiny or modular home. Teaming up with quality manufacturing companies makes it easy to provide a positive experience for my clients.

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