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Brandon Layton

Sr Director & Project Manager

am thrilled to share a bit about my journey and role as the Senior Director and Project Manager in our dynamic company. I believe that a blend of passion, continuous learning, and an unwavering commitment to excellence are key to making a meaningful impact.

Educational Pursuits:
My academic journey at the University of Colorado, where I am 2 classes  away from earning my BA in Sociology, has been a cornerstone in shaping my perspective. Additionally, I'm on the cusp of acquiring my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, reflecting my dedication to professional growth.

Professional Expertise:
My career started in the building materials industry as a Pro Sales Specialist. Here, I honed my skills in project estimates and material sourcing, catering to both commercial and residential sectors. This phase was crucial in building my diverse skill set and resilience.

Project Management:
Evolving into a Senior Project Manager, I've successfully led a variety of projects, from whiskey distilleries to fitness facilities. Each project has been an opportunity to showcase my adaptability and problem-solving skills.

Joining the Family Business:
Embracing a personal calling, I joined our family business as the Sr. Director, Project Manager. My focus here is diverse, managing everything from high-end residential to innovative commercial projects like ax-throwing venues and hair salons.

Impactful Innovations:
I'm not just about managing projects; I'm about transforming them. My introduction of new systems and processes has significantly boosted efficiency and profitability, benefiting our company and clients alike.

Diversity and Inclusion Champion:
As a Native American and a family man deeply rooted in faith, I bring a unique and valuable perspective to our team. My background in sociology underlines my dedication to promoting a multicultural and inclusive workplace.

Steadfast and Motivated:
Known for my steady and persistent approach, I thrive in both independent and collaborative environments. My work ethic is characterized by conciseness, thoroughness, and efficiency, helping me surpass both strategic and personal goals.

In summary, I'm not just the Senior Director and Project Manager; I am dedicated to inspiring others and helping to drive our team to success for our clients. I'm proud to be part of a team where my multifaceted skills and dedication are not just recognized, but celebrated.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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420 21st Street, Suite 104

Longmont, CO 80501



BBB A+ Rating



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